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Scammers in the neighborhood redoing Driveways

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Scammers in the neighborhood redoing Driveways

Post by elevenofthirteen on Sat May 27, 2017 11:09 am

About a week ago My husband was working in the yard and two guys stopped buy and told him they could fix the cracks in our driveway. We should have know better but he said ok. For 150 dollars he was going to fix all the cracks and the drive way would look like new. Well be brought out two buckets poured concrete and water in them and took a broom and spread it on the driveway. Told us to keep our cars off it for 24 hours. Well it crumbled within a few hours. We saw him on the next street over the next day and told him to come back and fix it. He did but the same thing happened. Now my driveway looks worse that before. My husband called him and he said he had a death in the family and couldn't come back right away. Maybe in about 3 weeks. Well we know we were scammed. So please don't fall for this and tell your neighbors. My husband and I made a pack, no more drive by handymen! He also wouldn't take a check and I only have 120. so out of the goodness of his heart he took that! LOL ! I live on Eldiente Way


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